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…or you suck.

The Pirates went on the road, ignored their injuries, defied the odds, and kicked ass.

They played St. Louis, Arizona and San Diego: All teams with winning records.

They went 7-4. That’s mighty impressive.

Tomorrow, the Pirates return to PNC Park. They host Colorado.

Will you reward their road trip with your presence?

Probably not.

Pirates fans are the worst fans in Pittsburgh. They talk a good game, but don’t often enough put their money where their mouth is.

Attendance at PNC Park dropped by over a million from 2015 to last year. Sure, disappointment and even outrage were understandable after management dismantled that 98-win team from '15 to cut payroll and make greater profit. This season, attendance has dropped by almost 3K per game from last year.

But the Pirates had a great road trip, and come home hot.

They should have 30K at PNC Park tomorrow. But I bet it’s mostly empty.

All the bloggers, and fans on Twitter – the whole echo chamber gets mad about the Pirates not getting respect. But they won’t pay respect by going to PNC Park.

Tickets are cheap, just like the owner. There’s no excuse for not going to PNC Park tomorrow night.

But you won’t. You just like to flap your gums.

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