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FOX’s Colin Cowherd plays Cleveland quarterback Baker Mayfield like a fiddle. Cowherd’s comments below are spot on.

The ongoing multi-media skirmish between Cowherd and Mayfield should encourage Pittsburgh. If Mayfield can’t beat Cowherd, he can’t beat the Steelers.

Mayfield is immature. He had T-shirts made to troll Cowherd. Trading barbs with Cowherd does Mayfield no good. As Cowherd says, feuding with a media personality is beneath Tom Brady and Russell Wilson.

Mayfield’s a second-year QB who hasn’t won anything. The Browns are getting mega-hype, but won’t go anywhere with a thin-skinned pissant at the helm.

I’ve got a complaint: Why won’t a Pittsburgh athlete engage me in mindless trolling for the sake of increasing my profile? God knows I’ve tried. James Harrison bit, then retreated. Anyway, he’s retired. Hines Ward complained about me on HBO. But he’s retired, too. Trevor Williams engaged last season, then ran away.

Somebody step up. Let’s have some fun.

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