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OJ Simpson is on Twitter. Follow him: @TheRealOJ32.

O.J. has been on Twitter for five days. He’s tweeted three times.

He already has 720,000 followers. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman are not among them. O.J. = Twitter with a body count. No blue check mark yet.

I follow. How could you not?

O.J. has not confessed to the murders on Twitter. He did address a rumor that he fathered Khloe Kardashian. He says he didn’t. (I’d deny that, too.)

Scott Paterno went on Twitter to chastise those who follow Simpson. Scott’s father looked the other way during pedophilia’s version of Armageddon, but don’t dare follow O.J.

Perhaps O.J. will use Twitter to catch the real killers. People frequently reveal things they shouldn’t on social media.

O.J. follows eight accounts, including the PGA Tour, the NFL, the Buffalo Bills, Southern Cal football, the Heisman Trophy, his motherless son, and his attorney. How much more O.J. could he possibly get?

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