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There was a big brawl at a youth baseball game in Colorado. Seven-year-olds were playing. Words got exchanged between the 13-year-old ump and some parents. The parents started arguing with each other, then took over the field and started fighting. It’s a mean scene, especially with the kids in close proximity.

There are lots of lessons to be learned from this. Two stick out:

*If you want a kids’ baseball game to be controlled, the umpire shouldn't be 13. He's a kid, too. Get an adult.

*Don’t have children before you’re ready. The players were seven-year-olds. Some of the parents fighting were in their mid-20s. If your kid was conceived in the back seat of a Toyota on prom night, chances are the immaturity and irresponsibility displayed on that auspicious occasion won’t soon dissipate. So let’s fight at a baseball game.

But give the parents credit for actually throwing punches. As opposed to the candy-asses in MLB, who charge the mound, empty the benches and empty the bullpens, but nobody hits anybody. They just make mean faces.

“These girls aren’t gonna fight.” – Will Arnett, “Semi-Pro.”

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