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The new Madden video-game ratings are out.

As usual, that’s followed quickly by NFL players bitching about their new Madden video-game rating. A ton of ‘em. It’s pathetic.

I like Joe Haden. The Steelers’ cornerback is a calm, cool, capable veteran. He simply should not care about his Madden rating.

But he does:

Haden is an 84, and those are all the cornerbacks rated ahead of him. You can almost hear Haden whine via Twitter. He’s really hurt by his Madden rating.

Haden is 30 and an established NFL player who has earned $92 million. Why the frig does Haden care about a video-game rating?

But he does.

Here’s what Mark Kaboly of had to say on the subject:

DeCastro, BTW, is the Steelers’ highest-rated player at 93.

Insecurity, thy name is Madden NFL 20.HADEN WHINES ABOUT VIDEO-GAME RATING

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