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Knickers are in a twist (click HERE) because Robby Fabbri of the St. Louis Blues put pasta and meatballs in the Stanley Cup. It was an old family recipe. Grandma helped cook.

Fabbri’s dogs ate out of the Cup. That caused even more distress.

Fabbri also took the Cup when he visited his ailing grandfather in the hospital. Anybody find fault with that?

When a team wins the Stanley Cup, each player gets a day with it. For 24 hours, it belongs to him. That’s part of the Cup’s tradition. As long as it doesn’t devolve into scat play or water sports, what’s the problem?

The Cup has been in far sketchier situations than serving pasta to Fabbri’s dogs. How many strip joints has the Cup visited? Kris Draper’s baby daughter defecated in it. The 1924 Montreal Canadiens left it on the side of the road.

Sounds to me like Fabbri had a fun day with the Cup. Anyone who doesn’t think so should lighten up.

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