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I wrote a column for (click HERE) opining that Roberto Clemente is not one of MLB’s top 10 non-pitchers ever and not worthy of having his No. 21 retired throughout MLB because it would dilute the honor accorded Jackie Robinson’s No. 42.

None of that is insulting, despite initial reaction.

I said Clemente was a top-25 non-pitcher all-time and worthy of being called the greatest Pirate ever.

That seems complimentary.

But it you’re a crotchety old Yinzer mark, you think Clemente is the greatest baseball player ever because “I SAW HIM PLAY!” The stats don’t matter. Just that one throw Clemente made in 1969 to throw out a runner at third because “I SAW IT HAPPEN!”

Read the article. Decide for yourself.

Clemente was great. But not the greatest.

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