This commercial is awesome, but the “Laverne & Shirley” reference goes above and beyond. As in real life, having Super Bowl rings ends the argument.

Troy Polamalu has long been a great spokesman for Head & Shoulders shampoo, but Kansas City QB Patrick Mahomes is a worthy accomplice – though I’ll take Polamalu’s magnificent mane over Mahomes’ admittedly impressive faux-hawk.

Troy is a witty, funny guy. The Head & Shoulders commercials help more people see that side of him, and that’s good.

I miss Troy. I have as much respect and admiration for him as anybody I’ve ever worked with. He is an exceptional human being. Never mind six All-Pro selections and eight Pro Bowls; the Steelers miss Polamalu’s mere presence, and always will. He provides a unique dynamic.

I’ve not spoken to Troy since his exit interview on the show when he retired in 2014. Troy, come back. We can plug the shampoo. Heck, I even use it.

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