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Pierre McGuire has been taken off the No. 1 broadcast team for hockey telecasts on NBC and the NBC Sports Network. He’s been replaced by ex-goalie Brian Boucher.

Pierre will still work NBC hockey broadcasts and presumably get paid the same, so I hesitate to call this a demotion. The most confounding part of the story is the joy being demonstrated over the move by some fringe media members and, of course, the obsessed cancel-culture vocal-minority dimwits on Twitter.

Like this guy says:

Pierre does a great job. He injects personality and wit into what he does between the benches, unlike the soulless automatons on the sidelines at football games.

Pierre is a friend to the Penguins and Pittsburgh. He was a scout with the Penguins’ first Stanley Cup champion in 1991, and an assistant coach in ’92 when the Penguins repeated. His respect for the city, franchise, its players and its fans has been immense and never in question, and should be paid back.

It’s obviously jealousy on the part of the marginal media. Hey, if I made pennies podcasting or got paid a nickel per word to write hockey, I’d be envious of a man who made it as a hockey person almost every way you can.

Pierre deserves better from NBC, and deserves respect from hockey fans and people everywhere.

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