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A Mexican drug cartel has kidnapped John Rambo’s niece.

Bad career move. Didn’t they see the first four movies? The body count should have dissuaded them.

John Rambo should die at the end of the fifth Rambo movie, which hits theaters Sept. 20. Stallone is 73. The Rambo character is 62. Enough already.

But Stallone says there could be a sixth Rambo movie if the fifth one succeeds.

Stallone has played Rocky Balboa in eight movies. He has played Rambo in five. That’s approximately 19 percent of his career.

I’m sad to report that the Col. Sam Trautman character died along with actor Richard Crenna in 2003. Trautman was Rambo's voice of reason, so Rambo is going to be that much tougher to stop. “God didn’t make Rambo. I made him.”

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