Yeah, I know: JuJu Smith-Schuster is just living his best life. He’s LIT, LIT, LITTY! like the millennials say, which seems to be more important than winning.

But JuJu partying on social media just a few hours after the Steelers drop to 0-2 by losing a second straight game in which JuJu looked only sporadically like a No. 1 wide receiver is not a good look.

Dancing, jousting, firing a water gun, tossing money, shaving somebody’s head…if Ben Roethlisberger did that after a loss, the entire city would have an aneurysm.

Of course, it doesn’t have the same negative impact if it’s not broadcast on Instagram…which JuJu chose to do in very AB-like fashion. FFS.

At best, it’s a bad look. But, hey…LITTY!

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