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Everybody loves analytics. Numbers rule. Do the math.

So I’ve come up with a (semi-)mathematical formula to judge the Steelers’ trade for safety Minkah Fitzpatrick.

The Steelers gave Miami their first-round draft pick in 2020. Fitzpatrick went 11th overall in the 2018 draft.

If the Steelers finish in a position where they would have drafted tenth or higher in 2020, it’s a bad deal. If the Steelers draft 11th or lower, it’s a good deal. The lower they draft, the better the deal. They need to draft lower than when Fitzpatrick was taken, or at least equal to.

That sounds extremely reasonable, especially for a reactionary like me. You're giving up a couple seasons of service no matter what, but Fitzpatrick is just 22.

I’m not asking Fitzpatrick to be Rod Woodson in his prime, or get the Steelers in the playoffs, because neither of those will happen.

But finishing 7-9 should meet the parameters set. That’s my formula, and it’s fair.

If the Steelers do make the playoffs, Fitzpatrick and Mason Rudolph should immediately be inducted into the team’s Hall of Honor, and let the quarterback controversy begin. #BestForBusiness

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