Boy, does this commercial ring true. It's like footage of my cat, Clipper, wreaking havoc in my house. (Clipper often turns on the kitchen-sink faucet to get a drink, neglecting to turn it off. Precautions for overflow have been taken, but still...)

Allstate Insurance's "Mayhem" commercials are superb. Did you know...

*The "Mayhem" commercials have been running since since April 2010.

*The character was conceived as "Mr. Mayhem" and loosely based on Mr. White, Harvey Keitel's role in the 1992 movie "Reservoir Dogs." Note the similar dress.

*The "Mayhem" ad campaign is designed to attract younger demographics. Said an Allstate executive, "We wanted to kick Flo's ass." (That refers to Progressive's ad campaign featuring "Flo.")

*Dean Winters, who plays "Mayhem," is perhaps best-known for portraying Ryan O'Reily on HBO's prison drama "Oz" from 1997-2003. He has had recurring roles on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," "Rescue Me, " "30 Rock," "Brooklyn Nine-Nine" and "Battle Creek." Winters was so compelling on "Oz," it's hard not to see "Mayhem" as an extension of that character.

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