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You don't hear about the possibility of women’s soccer player Carli Lloyd kicking in the NFL anymore.

Lloyd made one field goal at a Philadelphia Eagles’ practice. It got on YouTube. Social media took over. It became an equal rights issue. Lip service was paid to Lloyd’s “potential.” Angst was manufactured on her behalf. Lloyd said NFL teams had contacted her, but a legit tryout somehow never materialized.

But all Lloyd’s hard work has paid off: She’s pictured kicking a football in an advertisement for Secret deodorant. The ad contains lines like, “progress and equality in all industries and sectors” and “isn’t it time for a level playing field?”

Good stuff. When I think about battling for diversity, equality and inclusion, the first thing that comes to mind is deodorant.

TV host/columnist Jason Whitlock cut to the heart of the matter when he tweeted, “In terms of cashing in on a publicity stunt, the playing field is definitely level. Whether taking a knee or kicking a football, the fight for equality is quite profitable.”

Secret is marketed as deodorant for women. That strikes me as sexist.

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