UFO is not only my favorite band, but is very highly regarded among fellow rock musicians. To confirm, witness Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett joining UFO onstage in Hollywood this past Saturday to play “Doctor Doctor” and “Shoot Shoot.”

Had any other song titles been available that repeated the same word twice, Hammett would doubtless have been available to play those, too.

In an interview, Hammett once said, “When I first heard UFO and first heard [ex-UFO guitarist] Michael Schenker, my whole attitude changed.”

Hammett looked absolutely thrilled to be onstage with UFO, and nailed the solo on “Shoot Shoot.” He dreamed of that moment many times as a kid, I bet.

I was at UFO’s Las Vegas show the night before. It was brilliant. But no Kirk Hammett. Oh, well. I got to chat with drummer Andy Parker, and saw Johnny Depp jam with Aerosmith the Tuesday prior. I’ll take what I can get.

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