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Antonio Brown bragged on Twitter that he’s cooking, shopping, and raising his kids without nannies.

Gee, my mother did that for the entirety of my childhood (and then some).

She didn’t boast about it. For my mom, it was just life.

She didn’t have quite the money AB does, either. She worked multiple jobs, as opposed to being unemployed.

It’s just rich-guy problems. AB should think back to when he grew up poor. It might give him some perspective. Because since AB ran himself out of football, nothing he’s said or done points to him having a clue.

On Hallowe’en, a bunch of people posted photos on social media of themselves in clown makeup while wearing AB jerseys. Antonio Clown, geddit?

AB returned fire, of course. Some made it racial, because when you call AB a clown, you might as well be using the N-word.

Except that’s not true. Anyway, when did Brown become a noble figure?

Le’Veon Bell, the other half of the Toxic Twins, says the Steelers asked the New York Jets about acquiring him at the NFL trade deadline. Bell is lying, or delusional, or both.

After all that’s happened, you might think Brown and Bell would, at long last, have learned the twin values of humility and shutting up. No sign of that, though.

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