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College football will never have a 100 percent credible national champion until it does what seems obvious: An eight-team playoff involving all Power Five conference winners, the best small-conference team and two wild cards. (I hate do-overs, so I’m not crazy about the two wild cards. I’d be OK with a six-team playoff.)

This season’s first College Football Playoff rankings tell the tale: Defending champ Clemson is 9-0, but is ranked No. 5. Right now, Clemson is out of the playoff.

How is the defending champ undefeated, yet out of the playoff?

This absurdity will solve itself, because No. 1 (Ohio State) plays No. 4 (Penn State) and No. 2 (LSU) plays No. 3 (Alabama).

But if the defending champ is undefeated, the defending champ should be in the top 4.

North Carolina is 4-5. Clemson only beat the Tar Heels by 1.Does that nullify a 24-game winning streak and last season’s national title? Apparently.

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