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Some are offended that Cleveland fans are defending Myles Garrett after he brained Mason Rudolph with Rudolph's own helmet last Thursday.

But that’s exactly what Cleveland fans should do. He plays for their team.

Of course Browns fans want Garrett’s suspension shortened. Of course they blame Rudolph. Being a fan is about passion and loyalty, not the moral high ground.

Pittsburgh is no better. Steelers fans always defended James Harrison. Harrison committed just about every crime possible on a football field. Late hits. High hits. Helmet-to-helmet hits. Malicious hits. Hits on defenseless foes.

True, Harrison didn’t swing a helmet. Everything but. But Harrison hurt opponents.

Harrison hit a woman, and Pittsburgh looked the other way. Heck, Harrison screwed the Steelers, went to New England and half of Yinzer Nation still defended him.

So don’t act like Browns fans shouldn’t defend Garrett. Of course, they should. That’s just being a fan. Just like Steelers fans defended Harrison.

Let’s not act like Garrett crippled Rudolph. Rudolph looked like he was going to cry, but wasn’t hurt at all. It can’t be murder unless somebody dies.

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