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Here’s a link to the entire article, but this excerpt from a story by John Luciew at is pure gold. Thanks for the name check! (See? It’s not just me.)

As JuJu’s questionable status continues this week, the one-time next-big-thing in Pittsburgh pigskin has become all but forgotten – at least in football terms.

But JuJu won’t let any fans forget him on social media, where the idled receiver has been as active as ever.

In fact, JuJu keeps right on smiling and showing up all over town in made-for-social-media moments that are always captured by JuJu’s ever-present Instagram camera crew. He even signed up to star in some cockamamie streaming show. Who knows? Who cares?

The point is, it isn’t just hyper-critical Pittsburgh radio host Mark Madden ragging on JuJu these days. The cognitive dissonance of seeing Smith-Schuster miss game after game, yet show up all over social media, has started to tick off regular football fans who have come to question the receiver’s priorities.

The grumbling goes something like this: If JuJu is healthy enough to jump around on stage, or at a State College party, why can’t he catch footballs for the Steelers – especially when Duck could sure use the help?

Meanwhile, an oblivious JuJu just can’t seem to grasp that all his stardom starts with his clutch catches for the Steelers. Strip that away, as this season has, and much of his social media admiration evaporates with his ever-plunging 2019 stats.

Simply put, more and more Steelers fans finally seem to be tiring of JuJu’s act.

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