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Steelers lineman B.J. Finney is in a crappy spot.

Finney never starts unless somebody gets hurt.

That's obviously a backup's job, but Finney isn't an ordinary backup. He's making $3.095 million. That's pricey for a second-stringer.

Finney is clearly good enough to start in Ramon Foster's place at left guard. Foster has struggled mightily. Finney should have usurped him weeks ago.

But the Steelers see Finney as a backup at all three interior line positions. Not as a starter, even though Finney has earned that (or at least a legit shot).

But Foster's a great guy, veteran respect and blah, blah, blah. It's a coaching staff with occasionally skewed priorities.

Finney, 28, is an unrestricted free agent at season's end.

I'd like to offer him advice:

*Sign with the highest bidder. Make that your lone consideration.

*Don't believe a word the Steelers say, because the Steelers have not done right by Finney.

The Steelers reportedly plan to move Matt Feiler from right tackle to left guard in 2020, going with either Zach Banner or Chuks Okorafor at RT.

If Finney stays, he'd continue in his current role: Break glass in case of emergency.

Finney needs to leave town.

Unless the Steelers are the highest bidder.

The thrill of playing isn't everything. More money, less head trauma.

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