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*Brown hates (and/or is jealous of) JuJu Smith-Schuster. Brown pointed out that Smith-Schuster had 500 yards receiving (actually 552), the Steelers missed the playoffs, but Smith-Schuster still pretends to be him.

Almost everything Brown says is nuts. Except that. That’s true.

*Brown has a “mystery quarterback” who will lobby to get Brown signed by whatever team signs that quarterback.

But there’s no mystery. It’s Tom Brady. Brown will likely wind up wherever Brady goes. Here’s predicting Brown is a big part of Brady’s death rattle.

*Brady’s destination aside, Brown would like to play in Pittsburgh again. He didn’t say that, per se. But that’s the implication of the whole interview. Brown is dumb. But not so dumb that he doesn’t know Pittsburgh is the only place it’s ever worked for him.

But let’s not debate. The Steelers would never consider bringing back Brown.

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