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A segment of the citizens loves to pick on Ben Roethlisberger. The dumbest among them pick on Ben’s beard, which was on glorious display at the West Virginia University basketball game last night. Ben looks more like the Mountaineer than the Mountaineer.

Maybe Ben’s throwing elbow won’t heal properly after surgery. Maybe 38 is too old.

But if Ben has a bad 2020 season, it won’t be because of the beard.

For too many of you jerks, it’s always something with Ben.

It’s the interceptions from 2018, even though he threw for over 5,000 yards.

It’s not having a great Super Bowl against Seattle in 2006, even though the Steelers won and Ben would have been MVP of those playoffs.

It’s because he didn’t properly tip the wait staff somewhere when he was a rookie, even though his long-time support of police K-9 units is well documented.

It’s exaggeration. It’s outright fiction. It’s “hey, blame the quarterback.” It all sucks. Pittsburgh too often refuses to appreciate a good thing.

You love Brett Keisel’s beard. (The final Shear Da Beard is tonight at Jergel’s, BTW.) You hate Ben’s beard. You wear duck hats. Go figure.

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