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Happy 71st birthday to the greatest pro wrestler to ever walk the face of God’s green earth: Best worker, top promo, non-stop work ethic, terrific look, incredibly durable and he still found time to kiss the girls and make them cry. #WOOOOO

“The only way you can stay No. 1, is to be No. 1.” The “Nature Boy” said it, and he lives it. The 16-time world champ remains an iconic figure beyond his profession. Mention Flair in any big-time sports team's locker room. Ask LeBron James. (Flair will be courtside tonight for LeBron vs. Zion.) Ask Snoop Dogg. Ask Kanye West.

There’s one problem with posting Ric Flair highlight videos. Once you get started, you just can’t stop. These clips provide merely a minuscule glance at the greatest career in pro wrestling history.

Take a good look. They only made one.

Seventy-one is just a number. The Naitch knows that. Space Mountain might be the oldest ride in the park. But it still has the longest lines.

Thumbnail Courtesy of Getty Images.

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