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Vince Williams of the Steelers posted a tweet about the possibility of Antonio Brown joining Tom Brady in Tampa Bay:

And it hit me: Williams still likes and respects AB.

AB no-showed a week's work. He disrupted the Steelers constantly. He defecated on the logo on his way out the door, and has done so ever since.

But Williams still likes AB. I bet a lot of the locker room still does.

I bet Williams blames Ben Roethlisberger for AB's problems. A lot of the locker room probably does. Those rumors didn't spout organically.

Look at everything that's happened in the past year. AB made his career disintegrate. He's a sociopath. He's been totally out of control.

But, hey...if Brady gets Tony Toe Tap, WATCH OUT!

Brady and Tampa Bay head coach Bruce Arians don't appear to share that opinion.

If AB gets a job anywhere in the NFL, it'll be short-term and for minimal cash. Low risk. He gets suspended initially, don't forget (or put on the commissioner's exempt list).

But Vince Williams still supports AB. His buddy, Tony Toe Tap. The guy who ditched Week 17. FOH.

It's a shame. Bince was actually starting to sound intelligent on Twitter.

The Steelers should sign Jameis Winston, bring back AB, and run Ben out of town.

If the Steelers locker room could pick right now between Ben and AB, it would be a close vote, and for no good reason.

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