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Pat McAfee of this parish took the McDonald's challenge, trying to consume four Double Quarter-Pounders, two large fries, 20 McNuggets, and four large drinks within 90 minutes.

He failed.

We are shaken.

If a finely-tuned athlete like the former All-Pro punter from Plum can't beat the McDonald's challenge, what hope do mere mortals have?

As you will see in the video, McAfee fell short by a few McNuggets, part of a burger, and one drink.

The end was not pretty. It came with 18:44 remaining.

McAfee did his best. He drank unsweetened tea, not Coke. In the photo that the challenge is based on, what kind of drink is not specified. But it's clearly a dark beverage. McAfee opted for tea, thus knocking carbonation out of the mix. Veteran move.

I thought McAfee could do it. Before he failed, I thought I could do it.

There is controversy: As discussed in the video, McAfee may have been sabotaged by subpar McNuggets.

The question remains: Why isn't the Double Quarter-Pounder called a Half-Pounder?

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