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Here’s how to play fantasy football even if there is no NFL season in 2020:

Take the last three seasons: 2017, ’18 and ’19.

Delete Week 17 of 2019. Number the remaining weeks from 1-50.

Draft players from those three years.

Use the usual scoring system.

Your state’s daily number (as drawn, say, Friday) dictates what week from 1-50 is used for that week’s fantasy stats. Use the last two digits of the daily number and sync up: 01-50 plays like it is, 51-00 plays minus-50. For example, 54 = Week 4.

If you want, you could finish a league in less than two weeks. Just use the daily number every night. Rinse and repeat.

You would almost exclusively draft players who played all three seasons. But you might take a chance on a player who had two great years, like Patrick Mahomes or Saquon Barkley. If the right numbers hit, his big games drop in. (If not, you get a goose egg.)

It’s a bit random. If you believe fantasy football is an exact science, this isn’t. This has a lot more to do with gambling, and luck.

Draft two quarterbacks, three running backs, three receivers, two tight ends, one flex player, a kicker and a defense. (Or vary as you’d like. Tweak any of this. I’m not the commissioner.) You don’t pick a weekly lineup. Everybody plays.

It’s not perfect. But it might be all you’ve got.

You can have your draft, which is most of the fun. Make trades. You’re gambling. If you’re a fantasy addict, it’s worth a try.

But don’t forget, you’ve got to social distance. Draft by Zoom.

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