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Ben Roethlisberger eats a lot of crap that he shouldn’t have to.

Yesterday on the NFL Network, this conversation took place:

Ex-NFL receiver Nate Burleson said Roethlisberger coerced the Steelers to not draft a quarterback, and that Roethlisberger doesn’t want to mentor Mason Rudolph.

Those are flat-out lies.

The Steelers had zero need for a quarterback, and zero intent to draft one. That had nothing to do with Roethlisberger.

Ed Bouchette of The Athletic covers the Steelers every day. His thoughts on Burleson’s unfounded word-drool were quickly posted on Twitter: “BS.”

There’s no shortage of quotes from Rudolph that describe how Roethlisberger has helped him.

Burleson’s rant is reminiscent of when Antonio Brown left Pittsburgh. Ex-players in the media blamed Roethlisberger, saying he screwed Brown. They lied.

Then Brown showed his ass in Oakland and New England. Everyone knew Brown’s problems were of his own making.

But the ex-players still dislike Roethlisberger, so the lies keep coming.

This isn’t bad reporting, or bad sources. These are lies. Burleson made up what he said. It’s absolute fiction.

If I’m Roethlisberger, I’m pissed. This got said on the NFL’s own network.

As if that's not enough, Adam Schein of CBS Sports thinks the Steelers “are on Planet Delusional” when it comes to Roethlisberger. Schein also thinks Roethlisberger had shoulder surgery. It was his elbow.

UPDATE: Here’s fresh BS about Ben from Damon Amendolara of CBS Sports. He’s obviously piggybacking off Burleson. Fiction gets accepted as fact, and lies spread.

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