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It’s said that a skilled wrestler can have a great match with a broom. AEW’s Sammy Guevara and his buddy Ricky Starks went one step further and had a great tag-team match with a mop and a broom. (They’re lucky Perry Saturn didn’t do a run-in.)

The match is called by Joe Dombrowski, an accomplished announcer and the voice of Pittsburgh-based promotion IWC. (That’s his credibility lying dead in the gutter.)

I love it, if only because it doubtless pisses off Jim Cornette.

I’m a big Sammy fan, and my dear, close, personal, long-time friend Chris Jericho is leader of the pack, as evidenced in the bonus footage provided: All three episodes of The Bubbly Bunch, an inside look at those crazy kids in Jericho’s Inner Circle. (I demand to be in the next Manitoba Melee. I’d kick Duff McKagan’s ass.)

Watch All Elite Wrestling tonight at 8 p.m. on TNT! It’s the best wrestling on TV! (Charlotte Flair matches excepted.)

BTW, I don’t think Sammy owns a shirt. I’m going to send him a 105.9 the X promo model.

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