Only Chris Jericho could put together a KISS ‘80s tribute band during a quarantine. Make that Kuarantine. Check out “No No No.” Incredible. (The focus is explicit: ‘80s KISS music only. “We strictly do ‘80s Joel music, sir.”)

I have long pumped Jericho’s tires, but he’s an amazing singer. His band Fozzy started out as a lark, but soon turned into serious music and serious business. (Shout out to Rich Ward, the Duke of Metal. He’s Fozzy’s guitarist, and he shreds. One of the best.)

Bonus track: Jericho covers UFO with a band called Blood Divisions in 2017! “Hot ‘n’ Ready.” Also incredible. I love it when my worlds collide. (Eddie and Art reference. Viva Los Gringos Locos!)

Thumbnail via Getty Images.

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