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Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson says he “would love to add” problem-child wide receiver Antonio Brown to his weaponry.

Maybe Wilson is serious. (It sounds like a good idea 'til Brown arrives.) Or perhaps Wilson is just making idle talk, like Baltimore QB Lamar Jackson when he spoke about the Ravens signing Brown.

Wilson’s comment was discussed by ESPN’s Tim Hasselbeck and Marcus Spears. (Let’s bring in Swagu!) They mused that Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll could handle Brown, like Phil Jackson used Zen to control Dennis Rodman with the NBA’s Chicago Bulls.

That’s crazy talk, and an awful comparison.

Carroll isn’t Jackson.

That’s comparing a ham sandwich to filet mignon. One Super Bowl win to 13 NBA championships. Jackson would have handed off to Marshawn Lynch.

Brown isn’t Rodman.

Rodman won five NBA titles, two before he played for Jackson. Brown isn’t even concerned about winning.

Rodman didn’t care if he scored. Brown's sole focus is stats.

Rodman was OK being third in the Bulls' pecking order. Brown wants to be the guy.

Rodman is quirky, but is a good man and a good teammate. Brown is a total asshat. He’s a bad human being.

Rodman is nWo for life.

So, forget that comparison. If the Seahawks are smart, they would forget Brown.

There might be talk about NFL teams signing Brown. But no one will pull the trigger.

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