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…but you don’t know why I’m here.

Twenty-four years ago tonight, Scott Hall “invaded”WCW Monday Nitro on TNT to trigger the last great angle in wrestling history, the New World Order invasion of WCW.

The nWo invasion was the catalyst for the 1995-2001 “Monday Night Wars” and wrestling’s greatest boom period. It will almost certainly be the industry’s all-time peak: To wit, fewer eyes watch wrestling in America today than at any time previous.

At the height of Nitro vs. Raw, over 10 million viewers watched on Monday night. These days, WWE's Raw program is lucky to get two million.

The nWo angle was the last time fans suspended disbelief. No one thought the matches were a shoot. But it was believed that WWE was invading WCW, and that the big inter-promotional feud was finally coming to pass.

That was certainly WCW’s intent. I logged a lot of deposition time because of it.

It was a great time to be a wrestling fan, and awesome for me to be around what happened in WCW. Time of my life.

Check out the greatest hits below: Hall shows up, Kevin Nash shows up, Hulk Hogan turns. #nWo4Life

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