A few notes about the upcoming movie, “Bill & Ted Face the Music,” the third and final (one would think) chapter in the “Bill & Ted” series.

*This will be the first time Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves play Bill & Ted since 1991’s “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.”

*The movie will be released Aug. 21, assuming COVID-19 allows theaters to open by then. (Given this news, maybe it would be better if they didn’t.)

*Seriously? A ***king Bill & Ted movie in 2020? What’s next, a sequel to “Point Break”? (The remake was OK.) Why not get “The Replacements” back together? I’m proud to say I haven’t seen any of “The Matrix” series, or the “John Wick” franchise. As an actor, Reeves is a pretty good cardboard cutout. (But he sure has made a lot of money.)

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