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He used to be middle-aged and crazy. Now he’s old and crazy.

Former NWA and ECW world champion Terry Funk turns 76 today. It’s an honor to know him and have worked with him. I learned so much about wrestling from talking to Terry. (Not that it did me much good. He chastised my announcing style in his autobiography. That, too, was an honor. At least I got mentioned.)

Funk is one of wrestling’s greatest all-around performers ever. I have him ranked No. 2 behind Ric Flair.

There’s no place to start or finish when it comes to praising Funk’s career. His longevity and versatility certainly come to mind. He took small promotions and made them vibrant. He took useless gimmicks like Chainsaw Charlie and made them work.

The best thing to do is watch Funk’s work.

The best place to start is TBS’ Clash of the Champions IX: New York Knockout. Nov. 15, 1989. Troy, NY. “Five letters. Two words. I quit.” Funk vs. Flair. #LEGENDARY

Funk was great in “Road House,” too. “Mind your own business, Dad.”

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