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The Cleveland Indians will consider changing their name. Once again, the final season of “Brockmire” proves prophetic.

Cleveland Colonizers sounds good. “That’s a cartoon white man licking the blood off a bayonet, and now you can feel free to get as offended as you like.”

What’s the deal with that clip’s mismatched subtitles? I have no idea.

For more on Washington’s NFL franchise reportedly deciding to change its name, click HERE.

That move is long overdue. That name is a racial slur. It’s amazing it survived this long. Owner Dan Snyder is finally going to rename and rebrand because FedEx, Nike and Pepsi are demanding it, not because he suddenly acquired a sense of decorum. Snyder doesn’t want sponsorship money to walk.

Snyder has previously cited polls which say that Native Americans aren’t offended by the name. Many diehard D.C. football fans won’t like the switch.

That’s too bad. Decency doesn’t come down to a vote.

But no American sports franchise besides Washington’s NFL team should feel compelled to change its name. Indians, Chiefs, Braves…those aren’t slurs.

But if those teams do switch, it’s no big deal.

Stanford University went from Indians to Cardinal. St. John’s University went from Redmen to Red Storm. Washington’s NBA team went from Bullets to Wizards. It’s nothing to get angry about.

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