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The Steelers’ Bud Dupree wants to be franchised as a defensive end, not an outside linebacker. Dupree filed a grievance with the NFL Players Association.

Dupree would get about $2 million more if his tag got reclassified: $17.8 million instead of $15.8 million.

I don’t blame Dupree. I do wonder why he waited ‘til now to do it. But if Dupree can get more money, why not try?

Dupree has leverage. The Steelers have no depth at outside ‘backer. Ola Adeniyi is the top backup. The less he plays, the better. The Steelers can’t withdraw Dupree’s tag. He's too badly needed.

But look at the depth chart. Dupree’s an outside ‘backer. It’s a 3-4. Dupree drops into coverage sometimes. He’s not a defensive end.

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