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He’s fumbling the football, and losing crucial games, and all he wants to do is dance, dance. Can TikTok and Twitter get you in the Hall of Fame? All he wants to do is dance. 

Walkin’ around all litty, with a bloated entourage, and all he wants to do is dance, dance. His best move ain’t with a football, it’s the criticism dodge. All he wants to do is, all he wants to do is dance. (And build his brand.) –with apologies to Don Henley.

Steelers camp is upon us. Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster prepared for it by posting three videos of him dancing in the 48 hours preceding. One of those was a commercial for Oakley, the other two random TikTok tomfoolery that reflect how lit he is. JuJu also apparently did a commercial for Pepsi that involved novelty-act tackle-eligible Zach Banner.

The video of JuJu in the yellow unitard is not flattering. He looks like an absolute goof, and like he just got done swimming in cold water.Yikes.

But that’s what passes for a football hero in Pittsburgh these days. Not rings and production, but social-media savvy and an element of cool. Which JuJu didn’t help with the yellow unitard.

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