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Joe Kelly threw at three Houston Astros on Tuesday. He didn’t hit any. He didn’t get ejected. The benches emptied, but there was no fight. It was mostly inconsequential.

But the Los Angeles pitcher got suspended eight games by MLB. It’s a 60-game season. That’s the equivalent of 22 games in a 162-game season.

The Astros cheated to win a World Series in 2017 by stealing signs. Not one of their players got suspended, not for a single game. MLB commissioner Rob Manfred gave them immunity.

Since Manfred wouldn’t tell the Astros that cheating is unacceptable, Kelly did. Tuesday’s umpires seemed OK with that. As noted, Kelly wasn’t ejected.

But Manfred still banned Kelly for eight games.

Manfred is protecting the Astros, just like when they got caught cheating. Manfred might as well put on an Astros uniform and go sit in the bullpen.

Kelly got suspended because Manfred doesn’t want this to happen in every one of the Astros’ games. That's understandable. But make no mistake, Kelly is paying because Manfred is gutless and stupid.

If Kelly didn’t want to get suspended, he should have cheated. He’ll know that next time.

Meanwhile, I hope opposing pitchers go headhunting every time Houston plays. It’s nothing less than the Astros deserve.

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