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OF Gregory Polanco was once heralded as the future of Pirates baseball. 

That future has been realized. Talk about your worst-case scenario. 

Polanco is the worst player in MLB. It’s hard to conclude otherwise. 

Polanco is hitting .070. He’s three-for-43. Among MLB players with enough at-bats to (gag) qualify for the batting title, Gary Sanchez of the New York Yankees ranks last at .132 (nine-for-68). 

Polanco strikes out 51.1 percent of the time. He’s fanned 22 times. Among players who qualify, Seattle’s Evan White has MLB’s worst strikeout percentage at 43.5 (40 Ks in 83 ABs). 

Polanco flat-out stinks. He barely makes contact. (Although all three of his hits are for extra bases: Two home runs and a double.) 

Polanco is the worst player in MLB. 

MLB’s stupidest player has to be Pirates OF Jarrod Dyson. 

That’s a bit more intangible. But Dyson was at second base with the winning run Tuesday night when he got picked off second base by the catcher. That might happen 2-3 times per season, and that’s when everybody plays 162 games.

Dyson is either unspeakably dumb, not paying attention or doesn’t give a crap. Maybe all three. 

The Pirates have MLB’s worst player. The Pirates have MLB’s stupidest player. Their manager makes more mistakes than a fan that got the job by winning a contest. 

Thank God the season is only 60 games. 

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