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Based on these four clips, “Ted Lasso” is the best sitcom there is on any form of TV. I’m ashamed to admit I’m not watching it yet, but I will be.

“Ted Lasso” airs on Apple TV+. It seems a much better version of “Dream Team,” a soap opera-type soccer drama that aired in England from 1997-2007. (I watched that from beginning to end, all 10 seasons, on the now-defunct Fox Soccer Channel. Good thing, too. DVDs appear to not exist. Karl Fletcher, RIP.)

You can’t lose with Jason Sudeikis. Brilliant on Saturday Night Live, in both “Horrible Bosses” movies, and in “We’re the Millers.” Even his cameo in “Semi-Pro” was a riot.

Sudeikis plays Ted Lasso, an American football coach who switches to English football in far-fetched fashion. The character debuted in 2013 in a series of commercials for NBC Sports promoting their coverage of the Premier League.

Sudeikis' homage to Allen Iverson talking about practice is amazing. See below.

AFC Richmond > Harchester United. But not Liverpool FC. And I don’t want Ted Lasso to replace Jurgen Klopp.

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