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The Steelers mangled the helmet decal situation. The management, coaches and players should be embarrassed. It’s like the tunnel at Soldier Field in Chicago, but worse. 

Here’s how to fix it. 

Option 1: Put the late Bill Nunn Jr.’s name on the back of the helmets. 

The African-American scout joined the Steelers’ staff in 1967.Nunn brought players to the Steelers from traditionally black colleges, schools that had been underrepresented in the NFL. Mel Blount came from Southern. John Stallworth came from Alabama A&M. L.C. Greenwood came from Arkansas-Pine Bluff. The list goes on and on. Nunn was a trailblazer for the cause of black men in football, and helped build a dynasty. 

A movement is afoot to finally put Nunn in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Displaying his name would provide awareness to that end. 

Option 2: Put END RACISM on the back of the helmets. No one will argue with that. 

The Steelers made a bad choice, and it led to a ***t show. It was absolutely bungled, then bungled some more. The bungling is still going on. 

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