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Pat McAfee is the best thing in wrestling today…and that is UNDISPUTED. (But I still hate it when mom and dad fight.)

McAfee is “the biggest winner on the planet right now.” An announcer said that last night on NXT. I’m not sure who that announcer is. I’m not sure who this guy who just joined Pat’s stable is, either. I’m also still not clear on who his original two proteges are. Pat told me. I forgot. They’re not The Young Bucks, are they? (I flip channels a lot on Wednesday night.)

Pat is, indeed, the biggest winner on the planet right now – just imagine when he adds punting for the Steelers to his resume. (Keep that quiet. It’s still in the works.)

Pat’s taunting game is at a Jim Cornette level, except Pat is still relevant. “Stupid!” “You walked right into it!”

Like most great heels, Pat isn’t playing a character. He’s just being himself. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

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