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New Orleans quarterback Drew Brees has multiple broken ribs and a collapsed lung. He wants a second opinion.

What’s a second doctor going to say? “You’re fine. The other doctor lied. He faked those X-rays. You can play.” 

Or perhaps the second doctor would say, “My God, were you in a car crash? You should quit.” 

Brees would then seek a third opinion, because he’s determined to play ASAP. 

But Brees really should quit. His body is old and broken. 

He’s 41. He won a Super Bowl. He’s got a network job lined up. He’s earned $294 million, and that’s just his NFL paychecks. It doesn’t include endorsements and other ancillary income. 

Brees should quit. 

Don’t hand me that “love of the game” crap. Brees has played 20 seasons. Many marriages don’t last that long, and most of them started with love. 

If I was a defender playing against Brees, I’d bury my helmet in his ribs first chance I got. QB is a tough job.

But the way today's NFL is, referees will protect Brees (they should) and tacklers will take it easy on Brees (they shouldn't). 

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