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The Power 5 conference championship games are this coming weekend. After that, the participants in the college football playoff will be announced.

Some think Ohio State (5-0) hasn’t played enough games to make the playoff.

The Big Ten seems to disagree.

At season’s start, the Big Ten ruled that a team had to play at least six games to be eligible for the conference championship game. Ohio State didn’t, because of various covid situations.

So, the Big Ten rescinded the rule.

Ohio State plays Northwestern in the Big Ten final this coming Saturday. The Buckeyes displace Indiana (6-1). Ohio State beat Indiana 42-35 on Nov. 21. Indiana didn’t complain about the switcheroo, rolling over like obsequious lapdogs. The Big Ten is Ohio State’s sandbox.

It doesn’t matter who wins the Big Ten. It wouldn’t have mattered if Ohio State didn’t play in the Big Ten championship game.Ohio State would have gone to the playoff had it only played five games.

The system is totally subjective. It’s based on record, sure, but it’s also based on brand name, influence and the ability to draw TV viewers. Alabama, Clemson, Notre Dame and Ohio State had the inside track before a game was even played. They check all the boxes.

There has never been a legit college football national champion. When a season starts, there is no guaranteed way to win it. The path is unclear, and intentionally so. Click HERE to read more.

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