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Check out what ex-NFL player Booger McFarland of ESPN says in the clip below, then tell me: Does it apply to anybody on the Steelers?

The answer is “yes.” It applies to JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Is Smith-Schuster the best football player he can be? His stats this year are mediocre. He’s had one 100-yard receiving game since Antonio Brown left. That’s one out of 32.

Is Smith-Schuster the best he can be, or does his branding take priority? What matters more to him, football or branding?

Why would you care about Smith-Schuster’s branding? What’s more important to you, that Smith-Schuster lives his best life, or that he plays his best football?

Many of you might choose the former. Social media enables the citizens to pretend they know Smith-Schuster. He’s a master at making you care about him personally.

But he doesn’t care about you personally. Not unless it’s on camera.

Smith-Schuster is tone deaf. He was the hero Sunday. He made a big play to score the winning touchdown. Then Smith-Schuster goes on social media Monday to bitch about poor service at the downtown Primanti Bros.That's petty. Tom Petty.

The restaurant industry is mostly shut down. Many locations, owners and employees are struggling to get by. But this prima donna can never know an unpleasant moment.

But Primanti’s rolled over like a dead dog – which Primanti’s put between two pieces of bread, then slapped on slaw and fries. “Oh, JuJu, we’re so sorry! Let’s feed the poor!” FFS.

Smith-Schuster's post-game TikTok Sunday featured him and several teammates dancing sans masks. That could cost the Steelers a fine and a draft pick.

But that's OK. When Smith-Schuster enters free agency this coming off-season and signs with the New York Jets, the Steelers get a compensatory pick.

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