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Tanya Roberts passed away yesterday at 65. 

Roberts was smoking hot. She was a Bond girl. She was a Charlie’s Angel. She was Sheena, Queen of the Jungle. She co-starred in a movie with Roddy Piper. 

But, nearest and dearest to me, Roberts was Midge Pinciotti, the airhead MILF of “That ‘70s Show.” Roberts was brilliant at being dumb. 

Check out some of Roberts’ funniest work as Midge in the videos below.

Roberts was part of perhaps the most hilarious scene in the show’s history, the denouement of “Eric’s Panties” in Season 3. That’s the first clip. Kelso: “Eric! Oh! Oh! You are a god! A god, I say!” 

Yeah…we all like Midge. Tanya Roberts, RIP. My heart is breaking.

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