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Nick Saban’s rant is correct. When college athletes make a mistake, what’s more sensible: To keep them in school, or put them on the streets? Should their lives be cancelled, or should they be able to build a career? (If that career is football, that’s OK. That’s why they’re there.) 

That logic doesn’t just apply to college kids. It applies to cancel culture at every level. 

A lot of self-righteous SJW hypocrites live lives that have zero impact, so it’s become a national sport to negate other lives. It's often done anonymously through social media: The Twitter mob.

Here’s an idea: Be better at what you do. Help more people. Be more charitable. Quit pretending that wielding an iron fist of perceived morality is in any way helpful. When somebody stumbles, show some empathy instead of clamoring for revenge you have no right to. 

I’m with Saban on this. 

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