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"Cobra Kai," Season 3: Miguel is in a wheelchair due to injuries sustained in a high school karate riot. “West Side Story” meets Bruce Lee. 

He has an operation, but progress isn’t happening. Therapy isn’t helping. 

Dee Snider shows up and belts out “I Wanna Rock.” Miguel can suddenly move his foot. 

I wasn’t surprised in the least. 

If Snider isn’t “the most badass rocker ever,” like Johnny Lawrence said, he’s close. The vocalist led Twisted Sister to great heights, particularly in 1984 when triple-platinum LP “Stay Hungry” was issued and videos for “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and “I Wanna Rock” dominated MTV. 

I was with Twisted Sister from the beginning, starting with their 1982 debut, “Under the Blade.” It was produced by Pete Way, the late UFO bassist. That made Twisted Sister extended family. They were intense in look, performance and sound. Great hype music. (Ask Miguel.) 

It’s great to see Snider introduced to a new audience. I’ve interviewed him a few times. He’s an awesome guy, and as real as they come. 

In 1984, when “Stay Hungry” was starting to break big, I asked Snider this: “You’ve always written songs about being kept down, and having to battle. Now you’re finally winning. How will that affect you?” Snider, after a pause: “Wow. Good question. I don’t know. Ask me again later.” 

Maybe I will. 

Check out some highlights below, including Miguel and Johnny at the concert. Pay particular attention to “Shoot ‘Em Down,” the song that got me hooked on Twisted Sister.

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