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Check out this new song from the Michael Schenker Group. It’s typical Schenker (ex-UFO). I can offer no higher praise. Sublime guitar work, and he never runs out of ideas. 

MSG’s new album, “Immortal,” drops Jan. 29. It features a host of vocalists, with Ronnie Romero of Rainbow handling most of the work (including this song). 

I’m overjoyed to learn that Brian Tichy (ex-Whitesnake) drums on six tracks. Tichy may currently be the planet’s best drummer. If Rush ever wishes to carry on without the late Neil Peart, Tichy’s the man. He’s that good, and has Peart’s style. 

When Schenker tours – and we don’t know when that will again be possible – he often employs a host of his vocalists, both past and present. 

I predict that, at some point, one of those vocalists will be Phil Mogg, UFO’s legendary singer. Schenker will never again play with UFO. But I bet Mogg tours with Schenker.

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