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If you were the Steelers’ GM, would you trade outside linebacker T.J. Watt to Houston for quarterback Deshaun Watson? 

This is highly unlikely to happen – although Watson reportedly wants out of Houston. 

Watt is among the front-runners for NFL Defensive Player of the Year. He led the NFL in sacks (26) and tackles for loss (15). Watt’s influence is huge and constant. 

Except last night, when Watt was invisible. 

Watt is 26. Watson is 25. 

Watt has incredible impact. But Watson is a franchise QB, and they’re infinitely more valuable. Ben Roethlisberger is 38. He threw four interceptions last night. 

Plenty of inexplicable things happened in that 48-37 home playoff loss to Cleveland, a team crippled by injuries and covid. But Watt’s insignificance was utterly unexpected. He had just three tackles (one for a loss), one pass defended, no sacks and no QB hits. After leading the regular season in sacks, the Steelers didn't register a sack or QB hit last night.

Watt was on the sideline in the fourth quarter – in a playoff game when the Steelers were rallying. 

Watt is a great player. But that’s no time to rest. 

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