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Here’s AB Jr. Jr. on TikTok the day after the Steelers got “clapped” by Cleveland. 

There’s nothing to wash the taste of humiliating defeat out of your mouth like polishing your ego via branding ASAP. 

Your team started 11-0, then lost five of six. Total collapse.

You got beat at home by a six-point underdog. One and done in the playoffs.

You trailed 7-0 after the first play from scrimmage and 28-0 in the first quarter. 

You would have to be the biggest idiot on the planet to go on a public forum the very next day and talk ***t on the team that just beat you. 

That’s what AB Jr. Jr. is: An absolute moron. "It's all good."

This is what the Steelers are now. The old ideal is dead for good. The coach won’t fix it. The team doesn’t have leaders. Only veterans. 

The Steelers are a circus act. AB Jr. may be leaving, but we’ve got a new boss clown.

AB Jr. Jr. said, "The media is the worst." I intend to live up to that. It's going to be fun.

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